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10 December 2018

“My name is Rajab, I am 22 years old and I am attending a master course in International Relations and Cooperation…

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First inter-religious dialogue preparatory meeting before(Milan, 19/11/18)
4 December 2018

To discuss organizational aspects related to the first inter-religious dialogue scheduled for next December 12th, COREIS has recently invited some of the…

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13 November 2018

“My name is Asmaa, I am 23 years old, I come from Egypt and I am studying Linguistic at the Faculty…

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5 November 2018

My name is Guy, I come from Cameroon and I just started a master course in Biosecurity and Food Quality at…

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How Mygrants is helping migrants and refugees in shaping their future
10 September 2018

Imagine yourself moving to a foreign country, full of hope but with no clue about the language, the system, the opportunities…

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TandEM participates to WUSC Leadership Meeting
8 August 2018

Next week, in Ottawa, the World University Service of Canada will organize a three days meeting (August 16th-19th) to present its…

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4 July 2018

“I am Baryali, It took me 8 years and 5000 km walk to reach Italy after fleeing Afghanistan. I arrived here…

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2 July 2018

“I arrived on May 2010, I was 14 years old and I still remember that day as it was yesterday. To me,…

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First training of TandEM Mentorship Commitees in Italy (Rome, 30th – 31st May – 1st June)
14 June 2017

Last week, Italian students that have successfully passed selection to join the first TandEM mentorship scheme in Italy, have gathered at…

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