“Hi! I’m Veronika, I’m 23 years old, I’m from Slovakia and currently I’m completing my degree in Interpretation and Translation at the University of Granada. I would like to find a job related to my degree, nothing would please me more than working as an interpreter. Until 5 I lived in Slovakia, then I moved to Germany when I was 12 years old, and then I moved back to Slovakia. Finally, when I was 19 I moved to Granada to study a degree. My first time in Spain was 4 years before I came to live here, when I spent 10 days with students from different countries visiting Castilla y Leon. What motivated me to choose Spain was the fact that I studied in a bilingual school in Slovakia and during the last year, my high school offered me the opportunity to study in Granada with a scholarship, which I decided to seize it. Although Spain and Slovakia are both European countries, there are differences and Slovakia is more conservative than Spain. Before coming to Spain, I didn’t have any expectation, and I preferred the country and the experience to surprise me. At the beginning it was hard to move, especially after I came back from the first winter break. At that moment, I experienced for real the feeling to be far from my family and friends in an unknown country. But it’s a moment that everybody must face when living far from home and once this phase is gone, everything turns better. The truth is that the “culture shock” exists, because there is diversity between the two countries (like the meal’s time) but it’s the way you face it that makes the difference. You adopt the habits that you like the most from the host country, combining them with the costumes you are used to. At the end, none of the custom is wrong, but rather different. In this moment, my plan is to stay in Spain a bit more, and once earned my degree I would like to start here a master’s course. But it’s a short-term plan, I don’t exclude the possibility to live in other countries. What I like the most here in Spain is the diversity within the country itself: you can notice that for example Andalusia, Madrid or Basque Country have different characteristics; and of course, I can’t omit the Spanish lifestyle!”