“My name is Rajab, I am 22 years old and I am attending a master course in International Relations and Cooperation in Rome. I am studying in English, but I speak also Azerbaijani, German and I am learning a bit of Italian. Here university gives you good opportunities, if you want to improve yourself you have good chances, despite all the challenges you can meet. I love almost everything about Italy, but food has a special place in my heart! It is the best place where to eat, and climate is amazing the whole year. I have visited 29 countries so far, I am a good traveler, but Italy is something else. I have traveled a bit around your Country, my favorite cities are Rome and Venice. Honestly, compared to Azerbaijani people, Italians aren’t very different: very hospitable people with a “relaxed” lifestyle. In the future, I see myself living somewhere in Europe, I am eager to work in some UN Agency. Let’s see, finger crossed!”