Interview by Lili Gonzales
My name is Nicolae, I’m 35 years old and I’m from Romania. Currently, I’m studying my degree in Applied Languages at the University of Granada. When I’ll finish my degree, I would like to be an interpreter at the European Commission, it’s my dream job; besides being a musician. I also enjoy meeting new people in my free time and travelling; and being an interpreter, I can do both things. Beforehand living in Spain, I lived in Romania and then I moved to England. This is not my first time here in Spain, in fact I knew the country before coming here to study; when I came for the first time I fell in love with the Spanish culture, the weather and the people. Romania and Spain are not so different. Both countries have a welcoming society, and the gastronomy is very good in Romania and in Spain, I don’t think I would ever decide which food is better. My expectations were met when I moved here. My actual experience is good, and I feel completely adapted to Spain, at the beginning it was hard because I was used to the rhythm of life in England, and here in Spain instead everything is very peaceful, people eat very late, in England it’s the opposite. But I made a lot of friends that makes me feel integrated. If I would have to go around Spain in a TandEM’s bicycle with someone, it would be my girlfriend Ana! We met here in Granada, she is my travel companion. I feel comfortable talking about any topic with her and I can’t imagine a better partner to come with me. Now, I’ll go back to England to finish my master’s degree, and once done I have two options in mind: either go back to Spain or to move to Belgium and try chance to join the European Commission and work as an interpreter. To conclude, what I like the most living here in Spain is the weather, it’s always sunny and I appreciate it; my good friends that I have made, and certainly, the beautiful streets that conforms the city of Granada.