“I’m very shy, it’s going to be quick, right?”
Mouhammed doesn’t even look me in the eyes, he’s nervous for the play that will start in an hour, and in general he’s not a talker, as other actors said me before entering his dressing room. It’s an important day for him, and for other foreign students of the Italian course organized by the Roman no-profit entity Casa dei Diritti Sociali. As part of the Italian course, a theater laboratory was organized and a piece was created: Gods of the Olympus. In the play, Mouhammed is Cupid, the mythological god of Love. He keeps playing with the white wings, reading the script in Italian over and over again and listening to some rap music. The music becomes the pretext to start our conversation, and after naming some of his favorite rappers, Mouhammed feels more comfortable and starts talking.
Last year he arrived in Italy alone, after a long and wearing journey from Guinea. Confusion, relief, and a sense of loss, that’s what he felt once reached Italy’s shores. After an initial period in the south, now he’s living in Rome, with other young people. Making friends has been the most difficult part, even harder than getting used to the new house. But he’s happy and extremely purposeful for the future, as little big things are enough to give him confidence and strength. The Italian course for example, is what has allowed him to trust people again and make some new friends.┬áMouhammed doesn’t know where the future will lead him, he only knows that school is the key to success: reason why he’s so excited to take the last exams during summer and to finish middle school.
The director is looking for him, one last minute for a picture and a big (almost hidden) smile, Mouhammed is ready to be Cupid!