“Hello everyone! My name is Mohammad Bilal, I’m 20 years old and I’m studying in the Civil and Industrial Engineering dept. of Sapienza university, master course in Transport System Engineering. I’ve been here since 1 year,  my second year in Italy has just started. Life here is awesome! The lifestyle is different compared to India, but I’m enjoying it! The environment that university offers is amazing: I get the chance to meet so many people coming from all over the world, and is very nice to share different experiences. I like the fact that we often work in team, and in my course there are people from Latin America, Africa and Europe. I come from a small city in India and I’m enjoying this new experience.  India is a mix where tradition and modernity coexist, here instead I can feel that modernity prevails. It’s my first experience abroad, and I have chosen Italy because Sapienza university is one of the few where this course was available, plus it was well placed in the university ranking! In the future I hope to stay over here still for sometimes, and I’m already looking for some good opportunities after this master. Apart from the language I’m comfortable here, people are friendly, the environment is nice, once I arrived I got easily adjusted with my new life.  After all, I don’t really see differences among youth of different countries: young people all over the world are focused on the future! They are positive and concentrated on what’s next, on a better future.”