“Hi there! This is Maxim from Minsk, Belarus.
I am living in Naples, where I am studying Political Science at L’Orientale university. I chose Italy for my education because here there are many more opportunities for international students than anywhere else in Europe and the cost of living in Italy is not very high. Since I was 8, Italy has been the every-year holiday destination for my family; we used to come visiting some relatives of mine, that’s how I learned Italian. To me, travelling has always meant a lot, getting out from the comfort zone, is what really made me the person I am. Living abroad turns your head 360° around: you can see the difference, especially when you come from a Country like mine, where there isn’t the freedom I have found here. This openness, it’s the typical Italian trait that I like the most! People might not know you but be sure that they’ll find a way to talk with you! The butcher would ask how’s your family and in case you faint in the middle of the sidewalk, a group of people would run to help you.
In the future I would like to work for the European Court of Human Rights, I want to defend fundamental rights that in a number of Country still aren’t respected.”