“Hi there! This is Maxim from Minsk, Belarus.
I am living in Naples, where I am studying Political Science at L’Orientale university. I chose Italy for my education because here there are much more opportunities for international students than anywhere else in Europe; plus, living in Italy is not very costly, and I already knew some Italian when I moved here. When I was 8 I started coming here for vacations to visit my relatives. Travelling to me has always meant a lot, getting out from the comfort zone, is what really made me the person I am now. Living abroad turns your head 360° around: you can see the difference, especially when you come from a Country like mine, where there isn’t the freedom I have found here. It’s exactly this openness, the typical Italian trait, that I like the most! People might not know you but be sure that they’ll find a way to talk with you! The butcher would ask how’s your family and in case you would faint in the middle of the sidewalk, a group of people would run to help you.
In the future I would like to work for the European Court of Human Rights, in order to defend fundamental rights that in various Country still aren’t respected.”