Written by: Lara Rasin
Kate, 24, moved to Croatia from Mississauga, Canada, to study in Zagreb at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Croatia.
Kate moved to Zagreb when she was 18 and lived there for five years, first receiving a Bachelor’s degree in international business and then a Master’s degree in service leadership and innovation. Kate met some of her best friends, from North America, Croatia, and other countries in Europe, while studying in Zagreb. She remains great friends with them to this day.
Kate had an understanding of the local language when moving to Croatia, her family being from Croatia originally, but was able to perfect it through language classes and many coffee dates with her Croatian friends.
Some of her favorite memories while studying include traveling to Spain, exploring Croatia, and spending a week in Dubai as a student on an exchange (at her university’s Dubai campus). She loves meeting new people, trying local food, and learning about new cultures on her travels.
She misses her family and friends the most about Canada, and as an avid snowboarder, even the cold!
After finishing university, Kate moved to Šibenik where she currently lives. She has worked in business and marketing in Zagreb and Šibenik. She continues to enjoy what she says are some of her favorite parts about living in Croatia: the nature, the seaside, the friendly people, and the relaxing lifestyle.