“My name is Ismaila and I am studying Economics, I moved to Italy last September. The University of Pisa is one of the best university around, I like studying here, it’s a great place. The university offers interesting courses and I always get the chance to interact with many students; people here has helped me a lot. After earning a degree here I’m sure I will have the opportunity to study in other universities around Europe. My brother for example, he has got a degree from the University of Turin and now he is living in London. I had some difficulties when I applied for the visa: there is no Italian Embassy in Gambia, and I had to travel to Senegal to start the procedures. Plus, to obtain a visa I had to prove that I already had a place where to stay in Italy. That was complicated and at end I had to pay more to rent a room. I really didn’t understand how the system worked. Imagine, I have friends who have been denied the visa due to bureaucracy and because of this they had to give up with their college application. The university should support international students a little more in order to find accommodation. I like Italians, I like to spend time with them, I love playing soccer and video-games. My hope for the future is to keep studying, I want a Phd. I really want to invest in my education. I do live my Gambian identity and I try to share it with my Italian friends as much as I can. I miss Gambia’s food, but food in Italy is also one of the things I love the most!”