Interview by: Lili Gonzales
Hi, I’m Irene, I’m 25 years old and I come from Guatemala. I studied Communication Sciences in Guatemala City, and currently I’m studying my master’s degree here in Madrid. I’m interested in the field of communication, especially in public relations, which is the field I would like to focus on when I think about my professional career. I was born in Guatemala City, and there I lived my whole life; except moving for a couple of months in Washington where I did an internship at the World Health Organization (WHO). This is not my first time in Spain. I visited the country ten years ago on a family trip; that trip actually was to Madrid; and I came back a few years ago with my friends. The truth is, I chose Spain before anything else (Madrid specifically) even before choosing my master’s degree. I knew that I wanted to live in Madrid, so when I made my decision I started to look what master’s degree Madrid offered. Also, I must confess that my grandmother helped to make my decision, she convinced me to continue my studies in Spain. Before coming here, I thought that I would have found a high academic level and welcoming and nice people (and this last expectation turned out to be real).  I’m adapted to Spain; the people here are kind with tourist, or in my case, migrants, and it helps me feel at home. I have made friends inside and outside my master’s degree class, so I’m happy with my life here. For the moment, I would like to stay in Spain for a couple of years more, I love this country, Madrid especially. But it would be just for a short time, I’ll go back to Guatemala, because it’s my country where my family and friends live, I like my life there too. What I like of Spain, is the public transportation. I also appreciate the streets being safe and the fact that people hang out a lot, there’s always people in the streets, there’s so much life in this city.