Henrique Manuel, 27 years old student from Venezuela, is studying project management at Baltazar University in Zaprešić, Croatia. Despite his young age, Henrique has traveled a lot: his journey began after high school, when he left Venezuela to Trinidad and Tobago, then moving to Panama (where he obtained a bachelor degree in economy), Canada, Germany and finally Croatia, where he’s been living since 2014. Family, food and Venezuelans’ cheerfulness are among things Henrique misses the most, but he’s overall happy with his new life in Zagreb! Apart from studying at the university, he manages to work at café bar La Cubanita, he has many friends (both from Croatia and from Latin America), and throughout his experience in Croatia, he has always found colleagues and professors ready to help him whenever he needed. The language for example, has been a major issue, but with a three semesters Croatian course for foreigners at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the support of his friends, now he’s more than fluent!
And it’s not the only language he speaks: Spanish (mother tongue), English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese are on the list too!

Henrique en La Cubanita!