“My name is Hamudi, I am a 27 years old Arab Israeli guy from Nazareth and I am now studying medicine in Italy. 35 years ago my uncle studied medicine in Italy, growing up he always suggested me to do the same: the quality of teaching would have been worth the struggle of learning a foreign language. Well, he was right! When I arrived here I couldn’t speak any Italian, I was very young and it was my first experience alone far from home. Nobody could understand me: I decided that it was time to really learn some Italian the day I went to the pharmacy asking for a medicine, and the lady couldn’t help me.
That was my turning point. I haven’t really suffered from any cultural shock because the Italian culture is somehow similar to mine, even if the Arabs are more cling to traditions. I do feel integrated, I did so many things in these 5 years and I have lots of friends. Upon graduation I will return to Israel, I would like to specialize in surgery. Nevertheless, I will miss the peacefulness of these years in Italy.
I got used to every aspect of life here, it is in Italy that I grew up.”