My name is Guy, I come from Cameroon and I just started a master course in Biosecurity and Food Quality at Pisa University. I am attending the master’s lessons even if I haven’t still discussed my graduate dissertation on Irrigation Systems. I arrived in Italy in 2014 with very little knowledge of Italian. I remember a very difficult exam of physics that made me spent a whole semester studying and exercising with my flat mate; once I passed it I felt so free, it went way better than I thought! I have many plans for the future! First, I would like to work here in Italy (maybe an internship to put into practice all the theory that I have studied in these years), and after that I want to go back in Cameroon to open my own farm. I am already working with other 5 friends of mine who share my same dream: back in Cameroon we want to produce and export fruits in Africa – and, who knows, maybe also in Italy.
Time permitting, I would also love to be an agricultural sciences high school teacher, to share the knowledge and experience that I have gained here.