“My name is Farideddin, I am from Iran and I study Information Technology; I should have finished already, but I work and the time for studying is very limited. Starting from the second year, when I lost my scholarship, I had to work several jobs to stay here and to keep studying. I used to work at the stadium, then in Navona square, where I sold my paintings, and also as delivery guy. I have been living in Italy for seven years, but if you ask me why, I really don’t know what to say! It was a total accident: a friend of mine who used to live here, suggested me to leave Iran, just to study abroad and experience something new. After having passed the embassy’s language test, I came here. To my mind, I would have traveled in every EU country, but six years have flown by and I am still here. Italy and Iran are somehow similar, despite all differences. It is something that, for better or worse, I find both in people and in the two cultures. Between Iran and Italy’s youth, the only big difference that I have noticed, is that here finding a job is harder and you guys start your career later than us. Right now I am waiting for the green card, my journey is not over. My parents are living in the U.S, hopefully I will reach them very soon. Once in the U.S, I would like to work as computer engineer. I don’t want to go back to Iran for good. I mean, I would like to visit my grandma and my sisters, but I feel like my place is somewhere else. Acting is still my dream, let’s say that I am not a real actor yet, but I have just made a big leap forward: I got a part and there is some dialogue in it! I got the part of a Turkish guy, and the dialogue is in Turkish. My beard and hair are so long because of the movie. To me, acting is passion, and I want keep cultivating it, maybe I will not reach the highest level, but I will keep going to theaters and cinemas, I will keep acting minor roles, I will do everything to satisfy this artistic spirit of mine.”