Interview by: Lili Gonzales
Hi! My name is Eugenia, I’m 26 years old and I’m from Argentina. I studied Social Communication in Rosario and currently I’m studying a master’s degree at the University Complutense of Madrid. I’ve been always interested to the public service work and it was the main motivation for me to choose a master’s degree in Political Communication. I lived my whole life in Argentina. A few years ago, I did a cultural exchange in Bilbao, so this isn’t my first time in Spain. I also lived for a couple of months in Rimini, Italy. What motivated me to choose Spain over other countries, was related to the master’s courses offered. Also, I fell in love with the Spanish culture when I came here the first time in Bilbao. Culturally, Spain and Argentina are similar. Over the time we have received  lots of migrants from Spain and Italy, that’s why we have common ties. Before starting this experience, I hoped for an overall easy adaptation, because I’ve never been so long without my family. Now I feel like I’m settled, I feel completely integrated with my roommates and colleagues at university. Thinking about my future, I see myself in Argentina, but if I’d have to move abroad for working reason, I would be ok as well! Spanish schedule is what I like the most in Spain! Everything opens late, people hangout at whatever time, there’s life in the streets! Also the safety, which is what allows you this pace of life.