“My name is Driss, I’m from Morocco, I’m 25 years old and currently I’m studying Production of Audiovisual and Show Projects in Marbella. I love music, a day can be considered completed only after the right music at the right moment. I spent my whole life in Morocco, when I finished high school, I moved to Germany for one year, and then to Spain. It’s not the first time that I visit the country, I’ve been visiting Spain since I was young, that’s why it didn’t feel weird when I moved here. University is what took me here, but I chose Spain also for a lack of adaptation to my home country and because Spain is cheaper compared to the rest of Europe. The main difference between Spain and Morocco is the feeling of safety in the streets, especially for women, but at the end it concerns everybody. When I hang out I feel safer and It’s something that I like. I didn’t have any expectation before coming here, I just wanted the country and the experience to surprise me.Today I feel adapted to my host country, and honestly it wasn’t so difficult because the Spanish culture has always been very present in my family. I’m not planning to go back to Morocco in the future, neither I think I’l live in Spain, I would like to move to other countries and continue investing in my education. Something that I really like from Spain? Art, that is what enriches this country, especially Spanish literature.”