Interview by: Lili Gonzales
Hi! I’m Dragana, I’m 25 years old, I’m from Serbia and currently I’m studying my master’s degree in Advanced Studies in Political Communication in Madrid. I would love to work as an official translator, and to be able to translate documents in Spanish and English to Serbian. I also would like to open my own language school for all ages. Before Spain, I lived in the United States for five years where I studied my degree in English and Communication. I visited Spain for an exchange when I was in the United States, I studied for three months in Segovia and I fell in love with Spanish culture. In fact, that was what motivated me to move to Spain for my master’s degree: the people, the weather and the Spanish history, which fascinated me. Also, I needed to improve my Spanish to become a translator. Serbia and Spain are more similar than you would think, the food and the society’s mentality are the same, even the language. The pronunciation is similar, and we have many words in common, I was very shocked about that when I started to learn Spanish. Before coming here, I expected to improve my Spanish, meet new people and finish my master’s degree. Today I can say that part of those expectations were met. I have improved my Spanish and I have passed all my exams, I just have to present my master’s thesis in September. I just wish I had more free time, because when I was studying I was also working. If I had to go around Spain in a TandEM’s bicycle with someone it would be Laurane. We met in my master’s degree and we have supported each other since then. We were both foreigners in Spain and we experienced the same language barrier, and so helping each other we overcame all the difficulties. I have just decided to move back to Serbia, it’s a country with a lot of potential and the fact that a lot of people are leaving it doesn’t help. That’s why I’m going back for good. What I’ll remember from Spain, especially from Madrid, is the Retiro park, where I used to spend many of my afternoons with the good friends I made and the excellent food this country offers.