Dora Rasin, 19, lived in Massachusetts her entire life – up until now. Dora took the plunge and moved to Croatia in August of 2019 to being studying at the Rochester Institute of Technology’s Croatian campus, where she’s currently majoring in international business and minoring in psychology. She’s also experiencing the many eye-opening, and wonderful, moments that come with immersing yourself into a new culture and meeting people from all over the world.

Dora has always been an active member of her community and she strongly believes in the importance of volunteer work. She’s worked as an unpaid intern at a senior living center and volunteered at Relay For Life events for cancer research. Some of her favorite volunteer experiences so far have been with non-profit organization Cultured Kids, which focuses on creating and implementing multicultural education programs for children. For example, Dora got the chance to help introduce kids to various cultures at events such as a Chinese New Year celebration/workshop and a “History of Halloween” workshop.

Dora’s goal is to draw on the knowledge she’ll gain from her two fields of study, and on her invaluable volunteering experiences, in her post-university professional career. She’s not letting the ongoing COVID-19 crisis stop her and continues to study and pursue her passions online during this time period.