Written by: Lara Rasin
Anca-Svetlana, 22, moved to Zagreb, Croatia at the end of September 2018. She is originally from a Croatian diaspora community in Karaševo, Romania.
Anca’s reason for moving from Romania to Croatia? Studying at the University of Zagreb’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, where she is currently enrolled in an Anthropology/Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology double major program.
During her first trip to Zagreb in 2016, Anca fell in love with the city. She decided she would love to return one day to study. Today, she lives in one of Zagreb’s student dorms. Some of her favorite memories so far have been exploring the city and sharing experiences about studying with her dorm roommates.
She enjoys attending the University of Zagreb, where she learns from great professors, hangs out with other students, and where she met one of her best friends, a Croatian from the United States. The language difference is rarely a problem for Anca, who speaks Croatian fluently, but there is always help available when needed.
Anca has participated in several international youth events. One of her favorites included volunteering in the Croatian Heritage Foundation’s “Eco Heritage Task Force”. As a volunteer, Anca worked on intercultural dialogues and heritage conservation with participants from 13 countries, and made many fun memories and friends.