Hello, my name is Alex, I’m 25 years old and I’m from Venezuela. Currently, I’m studying Labor Relations and Human Resources at the Complutense University of Madrid. My dream is to do something to be remembered by everyone due to the things I have done for my country and the world in general. Currently, my objective is to end my degree and to find a good job that could allow me to continue traveling around the world. I lived in Caracas until I was 21 years old, then I moved for a year to Canada and finally I came to Spain in 2015 to continue studying my degree. This is not my first time in Spain, I came in 2013 to sightsee, but I must confess that I spend the last two weeks searching educational information because I thought that maybe it was a possibility to study my degree here.  What motivated me to choose Spain was, in the first place, the language. Also, to study in Europe offers a huge field of possibilities to find a job because of the agreements available in European universities. My family took an important role in my decision too, because I preferred to choose a country where the language wouldn’t be a barrier for their adaptation. Spanish and Venezuelans have the same personality; we are impulsive, and we don’t think before we talk. Our TV shows are similar too. Before I moved to Spain I thought that I would be always partying, and things would be easier, that I would find friends, a job…etc. But it wasn’t like that at the beginning. During the first three months in Spain were the hardest months of my life. I had no one and I felt overwhelmed in this new country. I felt more adapted in my second year, when I joined the university’s rugby team, where I made new friends. Today I can say that I feel as a part of Spanish society, but that feeling of wanting to go to other countries is always there. If I had to go around Spain in a TandEM’s bicycle with someone, it would be my friend Ignacio. We met in my sophomore year of university, and even though we disagree in many issues, there are more things that keeps us together than those things that separate us. We talk about everything, games, politics… life in general; he has been very important for my integration. Nowadays, I don’t’ imagine myself living in Spain or neither in Venezuela because I would like to live in other countries. I would like to move to Japan, Northern European countries, or to move back to Canada. Finally, if I must underline what I like most about Spain is the gastronomy; Spanish cuisine is the best in the world and when you put it together with the party atmosphere and the Spanish societies’ kindness, makes me love this country more.