Understanding – a simple word with profound implications, especially in a world that thrives on diversity. How can various faiths bridge the gap, fostering a shared perspective despite contrasting beliefs? The answer might lie in initiatives like the TandEM seminars, orchestrated by COREIS in partnership with global entities. But, what exactly are these efforts, and why should they matter to us?

Diving into COREIS

Let’s picture this: an organization deeply rooted in the heart of Italy, with a legacy spanning two decades. This is COREIS, and their commitment? Fostering an environment of understanding between diverse faiths. While staying true to the tenets of the Quran, COREIS stands out as a beacon of hope in interfaith communication.


COREIS’ Legacy and Contribution

Ever since its establishment in 1998, COREIS has remained hand-in-hand with the Italian Commission for Intercultural Education. Why? Because they recognize the power of education in bridging cultural divides. They’ve woven their essence into peace education, proactive conflict prevention, and staunch opposition to ideologies that fracture society – like racism and Islamophobia. They’re not just battling negative forces but championing positive ones like integration, active citizenship, and tolerance.

TandEM Seminars: A Leap Forward

A person jumping off a cliff into the water

Now, think about merging COREIS’s deep commitment with the reach of international bodies. That’s where the TandEM project steps in.


A Collaborative Endeavor

Working alongside the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) and the Federation of Islamic World Universities (FUIW), COREIS is embarking on a remarkable journey. They’re laying the groundwork for a series of seminars, designed to light the flame of dialogue in the hearts of university students.


Breaking Down the TandEM Seminars

With a calendar spanning December 2018 to December 2019, these aren’t just any seminars. Picture this: 6 sessions held in Italy’s vibrant academic landscape, and 3 more echoing the ethos in Malta, Spain, and Croatia. Each one crafted with care, nurturing reflection, comparison, and understanding.

Isn’t it thrilling? The thought of national and international students, each with their own intricate tapestry of beliefs, coming together under one roof. With guidance from academic and religious stalwarts, these seminars are more than events – they’re moments of transformation.

Stay Connected, Stay Updated

Because who would want to miss such a transformative journey? COREIS, with its rich heritage and promising future, beckons everyone to be a part of this narrative. By following their online footprints on their website and their Facebook page, you’re not just staying updated; you’re becoming a part of a larger story of unity and understanding.