After a two days training hosted by the Faculty of Law at the Complutense University of Madrid, the first TandEM Committee has been finally created!
Complutense University isn’t new to mentorship scheme: since several years, a mentorship program is running for both Spanish and international students, ensuring them a wide range of support activities and empowering local students. In this sense, what is offered by TandEM is an added value: a program to support more directly and with dedicated services, a growing number of international students who chose Complutense for their studies. For this reason, the training organized by IOM in collaboration with the Canadian WUSC (World University Service) was open to students already trained and active within the UCM mentorship scheme, who decided to join TandEM. The training was meant to give students a more wide perspective of mentoring, thus characterized by a session on foreign mentoriship programs, and one on intercultural issues who might arise in the relation with international students. Michelle Manks, manager of WUSC’s Campus Engagement & Student Refugee Program, gave a very interesting contribution, engaging students in games and simulations.

The session of the second day instead, was dedicated to TandEM mentorship activities already implemented in Italy, with an overview about students’ committees organization, their guidelines and the social media campaign. Among the 30 students who participated to the training, 10 expressed interest and officially joined TandEM: we’ll see in the next few months how  their work will evolve.
Good luck to the new mentors!