Article by: Igor Anicic
An interreligious panel was organized by IOM Croatia on 16 April 2019, as part of the TandEM project.
The main topic was strengthening intercultural and inter-religious dialogue within the academic community. The event took place in Matica hrvatska hall, Zagreb in partnership with University of Zagreb, Department of Croatian Studies.
First part of the panel was dedicated to the exposures of main panelists which were related to the leading topic of the event.
Prof. dr. sc. Stipan Tadić presented his study named: Postmodern religiosity and individualism as a contrast to the culture of dialogue. Emphasis was on the need of coopting of the secular and religious area of life.
Erik Brezovec provided a lecture about the Importance of appreciation in the contemporary religious context. Speaking about the problem of accepting of various religious truths he stressed that common appreciation should be implemented first not a tolerance as the only and primary way.
Petar Bilobrk, religious philosopher and theologian presented modern catholic views and initiatives on ecumenism.
First part of the panel was ended by the lecture of the president of Croatian Hindu society Mahamandaleshwar Swami Vivek Puri. He spoke about the meaning of the Sanatan Dharma as the substantial part of the Vedic culture. It defines relationship between an individual and the universe. This meaning/relation should be followed in life to empower any dialogue and to provide support in the context of social relations.
Second part of the panel consisted of a few stories told by the former and today’s students from Iran, Syria and Turkey who also presented their experiences as Muslims studying in Croatia.
Around 40 participants of the panel, amongst whom many were students, concluded panel with an open discussion and opinions what could be achieved to strengthen dialogue as well as what academic society can do more for better understanding amongst various religious and cultural groups.