The inter-religious dialogues are an important component of TandEM, and despite they will officially start early next year in all partner countries (Spain, Italy, Croatia and Malta), last December 12th a first seminar was held in Italy!  Topics and organization of the seminars will vary according to the countries, still with the common purpose of encouraging reflection, discussion and understanding of young people towards dialogue between different religions and cultures. This, with the support of professors and representatives of various confessions.
COREIS (Italian Islamic Religious Community), leader in organizing the dialogues in Italy, held the 12/12/18 meeting at the University of Insubria in Como, also thanks to the participation of Prof. Alessandro Ferrari, who kindly hosted the dialogue during the normal schedule of his lessons. Topics debated included religious freedom, security issues and a comparison between Eastern and Western conception of family. The seminar has seen two main moments: a plenary session reserved to interventions from exponents of the Islamic, Catholic and Jewish religion, and a workshop for  students and young facilitators belonging to organizations related to the three confessions previously represented at the panel.
An important occasion for students that were able to share opinions and ideas!
Inter-Religious Dialogue Agenda (Università dell’Insubria 12/12/18)