On Saturday 3rd November 2018, IOM held a consultation with representatives of various migrant communities and migrant-led organizations that are active in Malta.
The purpose of this consultation was to introduce our activities in Malta to the migrant community representatives, and to familiarize ourselves better with the communities’ work. The project TandEM was introduced to participants, and their engagement was sought on the activities which will be implemented in Malta. Specifically, migrant community representatives were asked to identify persons and activities within their communities that demonstrate best practices of youth empowerment – and they named many!


It was energizing to hear about empowered migrant youth and what activities they were engaging in, many of which were taking place in their respective educational institutions!
A space for mutual exchanges was created, and a dynamic discussion on the current lived experiences of migrants, including youth, in Malta ensued. During the consultation, young migrants voiced the challenges they face in accessing higher education, (including high tuition fees, lengthy administrative processes, limited seats in specific courses, language requirements, and difficulties in getting recognition of qualifications and of years completed in other institutions).

TandEM will be exploring these issues further as part of its regional study on the barriers in accessing higher education.