As every year, last August 12th the world has celebrated International Youth Day, with a special focus on ensuring #safespaces to youth in every community! It’s a youth right to express and thrive in safe and welcoming spaces, whether they are digital, private or public, and communities must always protect youth’s dignity securing their future!

The United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, in its Goal 11, points out that we must commit in ensuring more inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable cities, as living in proper spaces and freedom will pave the way to young generations’ dedication to peace, global development and social cohesion (Goal 16).
So, let’s celebrate young Southern Europeans for their commitment to inclusion and tolerance toward their peers! Their dedication in promoting #safespaces and #welcomingsocieties to young third countries nationals, is the best answer to our time’s closure and political divisions! Together, they are lying the foundation to more equal and respectful societies, where different origins, cultures and religions aren’t seen as limits, but incredibly valuable opportunities instead! The first web generation with more and better access to information, who shares more or less the same interests and passions with other young people across the world. This, is our strength: now more then ever, it’s easier for us to identify ourselves with someone else living thousands miles away, and thus to be compassionate toward each others, because no matter where we come from, we are one!

International Youth Day

Today is International #YouthDay! What is it like to be young today? Do young people feel safe to participate freely in society in your country? 🔎 Check out the #YouthProgress Index! Measuring young people’s quality of life through : access to basic needs, well-being and opportunity.

Pubblicato da European Youth Forum su Domenica 12 agosto 2018