“Migration is an essential part of my art”, said Alfredo Libre Gutierrez, a Mexican artist born in Tijuana, who is visiting Greece to communicate his art and ideas with the Greek Youth society.

Libre is currently working with students of the School of Fine Arts and young migrants who are living in Athens, building an original sculpture called “The Crocus Flower”. The piece or art is mainly made by recycled wood and metal having small wooden houses in the center. “The Crocus flower” represents a small community, where people are the epicenter and when completed, it will be exhibited in one of the biggest parks in Athens. All material is generously provided by the School of Fine Arts.

Libre is working with Blandine Nzamba, a 22 years old singer from Congo and Farzad Rezaei a 23 years old musician from Iran. Both Blandine and Farzad are enjoying their collaboration with Libre and they strongly believe than art can initiate a fruitful debate migration oriented.