Last June 26th in the Naranja room of Complutense University’s Faculty of Information Science, IOM together with University and partners’ representatives, presented TandEM. Esteban Sánchez Moreno, Delegado del Rector para la Diversidad y Medio Ambiente UCM, introduced the opportunity given by the partnership with IOM, highlighting the importance of TandEM mentorship scheme in a context such as UCM,  where almost 8.000 foreign students attend courses  (2017 data). As mr. Sánchez Moreno said: “TandEM seeks to use the potential of diversity to improve the university itself, presenting socio-cultural diversity not as threat, but as a resource. This, coincides with our vision that any diversity should be seen as a source of enrichment”. Pluralismo y Convivencia, a Spanish Foundation who wants to promote religious freedom by cooperating with religious minorities, presented the dialogues they will carry within TandEM framework, similar to those organized in Italy by COREIS.
Here’s the greetings of Italian students to their Spanish colleagues, and their invitation to join TandEM mentorship!
Next step now, will be the creation of students committees, that will officially launch the mentprship scheme at Complutense University. Interested students, can send an email at: