9 months have passed since the TandEM Committees have launched their activities, working with enthusiasm and great effort! 120 students with migratory background have been supported so far, and new mentors have joined the original teams, making the committees work even more impactful and diversified. To celebrate these achievements and spend some time with other students outside the university campus, the TandEM Committee from Sapienza University has organized a nice event, inviting some of the international students supported so far! The event “Diversamente“, took place at the restaurant Gustamundo; the Gustamundo project was launched as inclusion and training scheme for refugees and asylum seekers living in the Capital. Gustamundo’s aim is to offer a concrete possibility of working integration for young migrants with some previous cooking experience, hosted in first and second reception centers.  In addition to catering and home cooking services, the restaurant offers every day a multi-ethnic menu, counting on the presence of two chefs coming from different countries. And just like that, Diversamente turned into something different: Buba, Zaynab and Mohammad from the Gustamondo’s kitchen shared their experiences and stories with TandEM’s students.
Lots of food (for thoughts)!