In a world of cultural diversity, how do we foster an atmosphere of belongingness and unity? The answer may lie in mentorship programs such as those embraced by TandEM. By taking lessons from WUSC’s mentorship schemes in Canadian universities, TandEM introduces an innovative pathway for young individuals with migratory backgrounds, helping them blend seamlessly into their new environments. But how exactly does this program transform lives?

Inspiration from WUSC’s Canadian Model

At the heart of every success story often lies a source of inspiration. For TandEM, it’s the mentorship programs developed by WUSC. Can you imagine the magic when young minds get the right guidance, especially in foreign lands? That’s precisely the charm WUSC has been sprinkling in Canada, and TandEM aims to recreate this magic in Europe.

Empowering Students for Cohesive Societies

Through active participation, TandEM encourages students to be the architects of cohesive societies. Peer-to-peer interactions, especially for those with migratory backgrounds, aren’t just about fitting in; it’s about reshaping societal fabrics in Italy and Spain.

Embarking on a European Adventure

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Pioneering this transformative journey are renowned institutions – Orientale University of Naples, Sapienza University of Rome, University of Pisa in Italy, and Complutense University of Madrid in Spain. Think of these universities as the crucibles where the mentorship alchemy happens.

The Four Pillars of SupportStudents for Cohesive Societies

Imagine landing in a foreign land. Wouldn’t the journey be smoother if you had friends guiding you? TandEM’s mentorship is that guiding hand, structured around four essential supports:

Administrative and Legal Support

No more fretting over complex registration procedures or puzzling visa renewals. And university fees? They’ve got you covered, offering clarity on exemptions and support with document translations. The maze of foreign title recognitions? They simplify it.

Academic Support

From tailoring study plans to preparing for exams, academic mentoring ensures no student feels lost. Sharing notes, accessing libraries, and even finding that elusive textbook becomes easier. And if language barriers loom, they have linguistic tandems to bridge the gap.

Social Support

This goes beyond academics. Introducing students to city services, aiding in house hunts, organizing events, and even guiding through local cultural nuances – TandEM ensures a holistic integration. Need tips on CV creation or job-seeking? They’ve got your back.

Communication and Awareness Raising

The mentorship doesn’t stop at mere guidance. It’s about building awareness. Whether it’s through social networks, university radio channels, or organizing public events, they ensure the mentorship narrative is heard loud and clear.

Committees Making Waves

Integral to this initiative’s success are the student committees of the universities involved. These committees, be it at Orientale University, University of Pisa, or Sapienza University, stand as pillars of support, echoing the ethos of the TandEM mentorship scheme.


At the intersection of mentorship and integration, TandEM’s initiative shines bright, illuminating the path for countless students. By infusing the essence of WUSC’s Canadian model into European universities, they aren’t just supporting integration – they’re redefining it.