ITALY what a time to be YOUNG!

In a period of interconnections, contradictions, expectations and struggles, what is missed the most is your voice. Have you ever looked for a platform to express your identity and share your experience with other young people like you? TandEM is your chance! 

Here’s what you can do:

Join the TandEM social media campaign and use our Facebook and Instagram accounts to speak up! You can exchange views, experience, interests and dreams with other young people like you. It’s a way to be creative and share your ideas on issues like youth empowerment, multiculturalism, gender equality, religion, migration and rights. Help us deconstructing prejudice and xenophobia, take a look at our accounts and tell us your story: @IOMTandemItalia and Instagram @tandem__italia
Join our mentorship schemes: are you (are you going to be) a foreign student in one of TandEM University partner in Italy (Sapienza University, University Orientale of Naples, University of Pisa)? If you need a hand with bureaucracy, house hunting and in general with your life in the new city, contact our mentorship committee at
That’s your chance to meet new people, make some good friends and give the right start to your stay, we will be happy to help you!

…And here’s what we do:

The project has four main objectives: enhancing education, promoting understanding, encouraging communication, and supporting integration. Each of these goals will be promoted through specific regional and national activities, which will be implemented from 1st January 2018 to 31st December 2020. Besides the social media campaign and the mentorship program, the main project activities are:
Enhancing education: a regional study will explore foreign students needs and barriers to access to higher education, mapping challenges to integration in Southern European universities, and developing recommendations for national Governments, Universities, international organizations and students themselves. To participate to the research, please contact:
Promoting Understanding: universities, in partnership with local religious organizations, will organize conferences and meetings to foster inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogue and understanding among students and young people, fighting Islamophobia and intolerance. More information about our next events on our website.

Youth and migration in a nutshell: